Hello world!

A little up-close-and-personal writing here:

Who am I? A journalist by training but a teacher by profession

How did the literati come about? 

By definition (and I do not flinch when I claim this), literati are the intellectuals or the educated class.  Consequently, they are authors and other people closely or professionally involved in literature and the arts.  If it fits…

 Why “literarynomad11?” The literary part in the name is too obvious.  The nomad recognizes my wandering nature among the different genres of literature.  I cannot plant root in one genre and stay committed.  Hence I write in and comingle among the different genres.  The eleven in the name shows that I am a scorpio.

With all that said, I am aspiring to write unusual pieces that will intrigue, amuse, inspire, and get dialogue ignited for a long while.

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