Thank You! Thank You!! The Goal Still Lives!!

Thank you to the supporters of this Kickstarter project who latched on and rode with me simply on their faith in me by sending in donations through Amazon. You have no idea what your trust means to me!

Thank you to those who wrote me, called me, or approached me with your fear of giving your debit or credit card information to Amazon. Your hearts were very willing. It is the thought that counts!

Thank you to those who sent or wanted to send personal checks to me directly because of the debit/credit card fear (reason above). Although I explained how the whole thing was set up through Amazon and Amazon alone, you still gave or wanted to give. Unfortunately, I have to return the checks to you until I can launch the fundraisers some of you suggested.

Thank you to those who suggested and volunteered to do pre-publication fundraising for me and with me. Since I could not collect and load the money myself into Amazon (a reason for automatic disqualification), I did not see any point in hosting the fundraiser at that time. There was no other way around what you suggested short of asking all of you to send your donations to Amazon through debit/credit cards. You were very wiling to give cash directly to me. I thank you!

Our journey is not over yet! The goal still lives! Although this project did not make it through Kickstarter and Amazon due to system set up, but based on the feedback I received from so many of you, I know the project will succeed through another channel, pre-publication fundraising.

Hang on to that money! I still need your financial support. I will let you know when and where the fundraising will take place for the novel.

Thank you so much!!!

One Tree Falling in the Forest!

If one tree falls in the forest and no one is around, did the tree make a sound? Who heard it? Could we presuppose that it must have made a sound since (by either innate ability or from scientific deductions) we know that trees make sounds when they fall?


I am that tree, and in about fourteen days, I will fall, and I want to believe that on that day, my spiraling will boom, the energy that has been building up will crash like a crescendo and resonate in terms of more donations to help me fund this project successfully.


I want to fall with the mouthing “I-love-you”-open-arms, wide-smile classic slow motion and all the musical accompaniment of some of the most successful slow motion scenes in etched-in-the-mind movies of all time that my touching the ground will summon.