The Queen of Free Hounds Happenings Around Town

In case you have not heard, I am the Queen of Free. I love free things: air, water, concerts, movies, healthy food, books, and so on. As long as I do not have to work unnecessarily hard for it, (and realizing that some things do come with a price–purportedly free), I am all the more enthusiastic for it.

In search of an attempt to brand myself, I will start with the official title, Queen of Free,” and I will try to locate free intellectually rewarding, journalistically uplifting, financially informative and gifting, and therapeutically relaxing things (for the mind and the body) in and around ATL. I realize that trying to pry free things from companies and organizations in our current economic upheaval will be as difficult as trying to squeeze a drop of water from a basket of dry laundry, but I am going to try my hardest.

With the Christmas season showing us its back, some songs are still fresh in my head. One particular song’s chants repeat: “Do you hear what I hear?” and “Do you know what I know?”

What I heard and what I know is that the one and only true Princess of Black Poetry, Ms. Nikki Giovanni, is coming to Kennesaw State University in the flesh! She is not charging me a dime for her billion-dollar presence.

Are you ready for The Next Boom? Attend this free event and get a free e-book. In case you were not counting, I used the word “free” twice in one sentence.

While you are at the Georgia State University’s site, look up another free event, Bill Kahnweiler’s cutting-edge research on non-profit. As you know, non-profit seems to be the only branch of our economy that appears more stable than most.

There are some other important happenings around town, but they involve you reaching into your purse or wallet.

Georgia Writers’ Association workshop on 1/14/2012:

Atlanta SoCon12 on February 3 – 4, 2012, will undoubtedly offer insightful takeaways for everyone – from small business owners and journalists to CEOs and marketing professionals.

Phenomenal Women’s Conference: March 23, 2012, at Kennesaw State University.

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