Validation Is an Empowering Feeling

Validation comes in all sorts of ways: increasing readership numbers, “friends” who friend but do not know you, and being invited to make a media appearance. The ultimate validation is from a stranger who has no stake in a person’s popularity or wealth.

Imagine my surprise when I drove around the internet and parked at an online site because I was attracted by the heading, “Blogs to Explore,” and my newly birthed blog, ( made the list! I was elated beyond words. Wow!

I could go on and on about examples of validation, but right now, I find myself speechless. Thank you to the stranger who recognized something special in my blog! Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Validation Is an Empowering Feeling

  1. Hello. I just received a pingback from this post because my blog (Tongue Sophistries) is included here. Could you send me the link for this “Blogs to Read” thing which you mentioned? Anyway, congrats. 🙂


    • Hello and congratulations to you as well!

      I was just exploring WordPress, the foundation of my/our blog platform, when I stumbled on the article. I have gone back many times after that to locate it and have searched through the “Search” box, but I cannot seem to find it again.

      On the day I saw the article, I simply clicked on the “Next Blog” link that always appears at the top of the WordPress band. My article’s link was listed to the side the day I saw it, and I did not copy it down; sounds moronic, I know, but it was WordPress, and I figured that it would always be there since it was listed on the right side of the the WordPress main page.

      I am so sorry for the disappointing news. I will keep looking.


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