Hope for Humanity

Once in a while, I “drive” around to other blogs and never know what I will encounter. November, my birth month, filled me with gratitude for many things. I am grateful for my daughter, my brothers, my sister, my wonderful parents and all they gave me before they left me, and many uncountable reasons and people. This month I am hopeful for humanity. The blog has proven more than an outlet for writing. It is an outlet for us to link our arms around the globe and share our commonality, our oneness as occupants of this amazing universe that gives back so abundantly.

During my recent journey, I came across several posts that made me feel very good; hope sprung anew in me: http://professionsforpeace.com/, http://themysteryofchrist.wordpress.com/, http://godisabrowngirltoo.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/fifty-ways-to-love-yourself-by-cecilia-b-loving/, http://candidpresence.wordpress.com/ (Unity in Diversity), http://www.lynnewatts.blogspot.com/, http://hashhs.blogspot.com/2010/09/andrea-beland.html, and others that made me feel that we are all in “this” together. I truly have hope for humanity.

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