Frances Ohanenye Attends the Reception for Winning Imagination Grant


The drummers welcomed grant winners into the Education Support Complex (ESC) building.

May 18, 2015, was quite memorable. I won a Katy ISD Imagination Grant titled “Fearless Readers of Life-changing Novels” and was honored last night with the other grant winners.


Light refreshment/hors d’ourvre.


Frances arrives at the Grant reception.


Grant winning teachers recognized one by one.


During the event last night, I was honored to meet the board members and be among several students and teachers who were recognized for amazing feats and outstanding academic achievements.


The superintendent of Katy ISD, Mr. Alton Frailey, strides toward his seat in the board room during the Imagination Grant Award recognition.

The Teacher Group Photo 05-19-15

The teachers who won the Katy ISD 2015 Imagination Grant. Frances Ohanenye is in a pink shirt, third row from the front and on the right side.

The day I found out I won the grant! The committee surprised me in the Computer Lab where I was working with students. Apparently, they had gone to my classroom, and finding the notice I left on my door that we are in the lab, they came to the lab with the principal and surprised me. Needless to say, I was pleasantly shocked.

Congratulations to Today’s Grant Recipients
 Friday, May 8, 2015

Mayde Creek High School English teacher, Frances Ohanenye (center), wins “Fearless Readers of Life-Changing Novels” Grant. Pictured with MCHS Principal, Dr. C. Steele (left) and Katy ISD Imagination Grant representative (right)

Kudos from MCHS and Katy ISD:

Laura F.: Congratulations!!!! 

P. Davis: Hip hip hooray!!!!! congratulations…great job!!!

Lydia D.: Please congratulate Ms. Ohanenye for receiving the “Fearless Readers” grant for her College Prep class!!!!  Way to go, Ms. Ohanenye.

Kathie F.: Congratulations!!

Janet T.: Congratulations!

Amanda P.: Congratulations on both fronts!!! You have had an exciting week.J

Nicole M.: Well, that’s just awesome! Congratulations, Frances! I’m so happy for you. Things are definitely going your way!

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