New Cover for You Sleuths Out There…


We are unveiling (drum roll, please) the REAL, THE FINAL, THE UNDISPUTED COVER of Daughters of the Soil, an Udara Series, my first crime fiction/mystery novel.

All right! All you sleuth’s out there, get ready to solve a crime or unravel a mystery. 

Basic storyline: Emelda Udara’s kind, devoted, and romantic husband is found afloat Udia River. Nobody knows if he fell in, was pushed in, or was thrown in posthumously. Little David is sent post-haste to get the Udia police on the scene. (We are avoiding the use of “crime scene” for obvious reasons).

Big question: WHO DONE IT? or WHODUNNIT?

Here are the facts as the Udia Police knows it:

Who/victim: Obi Udara (late 30’s; father of two)

Where/scene: Udia River

What: Body was found floating on Udia River with no lacerations or apparent signs of injury/foul play.

When: July 6 (indeterminate year but toward the beginning of the 21st century)

How/weapon: That’s your job, sleuth! 

Why/Motive: That’s your job, sleuth! Motive, anyone? Serve it up!

Suspects: Let me tell you. The list is long! Thirteen usual and unusual suspects. Watch out for their descriptions, alibi (or lack thereof), and THEORIZED motives in a few days.

In the mean time, Daughters of the Soil, an Udara Series is on pre-order!! Please head over to Amazon. Search for Youkay Ohanenye or search for the book using its ASIN: B07FRZ42CJ.

Thank you!!

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