Knee-deep in “It”

I am mired in “it”. I am surrounded by how-to/craft books from wise and generous editors, literary agents, published fiction authors, and poets. I am devouring books from Toni Morrison, Jacqueline Woodson, Michael Donko, Amanda Foody, etc., to channel their success into me. The pile of such books is up to a toddler’s height.

The Maud Marks Library welcomes me when it opens and lets me out just before it closes so that I can race to the church in the evening several times a week. I need prayer stacked from the ground to heaven to get me through what I hope will be THE LAST EDITING. Is there such a thing? There is no such thing to a mother hen like me who has sat on her “eggs” for years, even decades. Is a book ever edited with completion, or does an editor just sigh and release it with the utmost reluctance?

I have altered and blue-penciled Daughters of the Soil so many times that I can hear it screaming at me, “LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU OBSESSED WOMAN!” I will leave it alone one day soon, maybe this summer. Release it! Bid it adieu so that I can edit the sequel, Mourning Satin.

serenityprayer  books_stackedtoheaven    books_stackedtoheaven2

My books of poetry will receive attention next.

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