Reasons Writing a Book Makes You Awesome


Actually, Brian’s exact title is “Reasons Writing a Book Makes You a Badass”

I borrowed the heading and subheadings (1 – 7 below) of this post from Brian A. Klems of “Writer’s Digest” whom I have admired and followed for years.

Like him, I have always been a nerd. Those who went to high school with me will attest that I always buried my face inside any book I carried with me. I read up to 130+ books in one year. I also read the dictionary at that time.

During those high school days, I read Chinua Achebe (and he influenced my writing), Wole Soyinka (loved his use of impressive vocabulary in his poems), Obi Egbuna, Buchi Emecheta (she made me realize that a Nigerian woman could be an author), Ben Okri, Flora Nwakpa (the first Nigerian novelist, influenced my writing and made me realize that a Nigerian woman could be an author), Ken Saro-Wiwa (loved his style), Ekwechi Amadi, Cyprian Ekwensi, Chris Unabi, Uwem Akpan, Elechi Amadi, J.P. Clark, Remi Adedeji, Samuel Ajayi Crowther, Dan Fulani, Duro Ladipo, Nkem Nwankwo, Kofi Awoonor, Nadine Gordimer, and many other Nigerians and Africans.

Out of that love of reading came the love of writing. I have been working on several genres of literature for what seems like decades. Hope has never left me to release them one day soon. From Mr. Klems’ experience (and I think most authors will agree with him) that–
1. Writing a book is hard.
2. Editing is painful.
3. Knowing when you are “finished” is impossible
4. Cold-querying of agents is scary.
5. Rejection is everywhere (and yet you still carry on).
6. Getting paid for your work is harder than ever.
7. Accomplishing a dream is rare—and awesome.

Some of the attributes of being a writer/an author are discouraging; others are invigorating. One important aspect is that passion must move me and you to create.

We all have a book inside of us. Finding the time to write is impossible, but we need to find that time. Make the sacrifice, forge ahead despite the frustration and the lack of support from people, but you should never give up.…/7-reasons-writing-a-book-ma…

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