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Please contact me for details and for pricing.

  • Editing/proofreading
  • Book/novel reviewing
  • Public speaking/communication coach
  • Writing/creativity coach
  • Freelancing/commercial writing
  • Advertising copy writing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/content development
  • Keyword researching/general researching
  • Poetry instruction/guidance
  • Blogging/ghost blogging/ghost writing
  • Education consulting
  • Tutoring/test preparatory coach (SAT, GRE, ACT, CRCT, and others: English, reading/literature, social studies, science, business math/arithmetic, study skills…)
  • Computer training: Software coach
  • Web designing (in training)

About Me:

Never at a loss for words, I have whittled them to a perfect point, and my knack for them date back to my Scrabble days when I molded them as a mere child. Words have allowed me to have a prolonged and profound relationship with them and have been the backbone of my career. If we could build a home with words, I would be the first human to do it.

A trained journalist who obtained her Master of Arts degree in journalism from the University of Georgia, I write, coach,  and teach constantly. However, my most esteemed, cherished, award-winning accomplishment, and most thankful achievement is motherhood. God raised my daughter for me when death knocked me down repeatedly by taking several members of my immediate family. Without God carrying me and my daughter during uncountable moments when He left His footprint in the sand, my sanity would have transformed into a coal-black fragility. Healing is an arduous process.

Love is a bright-eyed process, and it is the love of words that helps me to conjure up innovativeness  and to capitalize on a fresh perspective for each posting. I will update entries here according to the dictates of maturing, supercharged musings, sagacious wonderings, and the nomadic wanderings of my mind, legs, and heart, and a penchant for the literary and the eclectic.

Herein proffered, then, are the chronicles of the ponderable morsels of  my abundantly fertile and intellectually creative mind. I will post these vignettes in any form, in any length, and in any depth my vigorous mind will conjure. My life is a never-ending learning exploration. I am morphing constantly into something bigger and better: returning to school to pursue my doctorate in creative writing, currently enrolled in a web design course, attending workshops to perfect that never-perfected craft called writing, and writing so frequently that there is never enough time in the day for rest or for anything else.

When sleep refreshes and releases me, the kitchen nourishes me, the winds outdoor invigorate my brain and supply refluent thoughts, and God allows my soul and heart to elevate themselves, you will find me here tinkering with the lettered and numbered geometric shapes on my HP, deciphering hidden literary codes, and pounding them into obedience and into a semblance of my signature concoctions.

A Georgia-certified veteran teacher and a university instructor, service is my mantra. Therefore, let me know which of my services can help you to achieve your goals. I truly aim to please. Come for words and their intricacies; find a need among the services I offer; and stay a loyal fan/client.

Thank you for gracing my page today. Leave a comment if the mood moves you. Please follow me through the links below to get a general idea of who I am and how I spend some of my precious time on earth

http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/1165731/frances_ohanenye.html (Yahoo! Voices closed its doors in 2014.)






http://www.georgiapoetrysociety.org/OnlineNewsletter.aspx (Newsletter editor)

http://www.georgiawriters.org/ (member)


Frances Ohanenye

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  1. Looking forward to reading you first book!


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