It’s Happening! The First Book’s in Pre-order


My first book, Waters Family Chronicle, is ready for pre-order on Amazon!
We did it!
Thank you, thank you!!

Waters Family Chronicle is published under Frances Dionye (my father’s middle name).

Please head over to Amazon. Thank you!

The sequel is in the works!!

Other books are coming!

I am so grateful for you and to you.

Twitter tells me that I had more than 1,469 impressions in one week!!

WordPress tells me 31 people visited this blog in one day!

These are all ORGANIC data. I have not done any paid advertising yet.

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First Book to Be Published Next Month!

I am working with BookBaby to release my first book on a long list of my writing adventures. This one, The Waters Family Chronicle, combines a very unique approach to teaching bodies of water with narrating a story about naming “children.”

This book brings a fresh new look to storytelling with clues and hints that get the brain popping. Students and all teachers of social studies, get your computer and brain ready to outdo Sherlock Holmes.

The Waters Family Chronicle is going on sale on Amazon early next month (September). Reserve your Imagecopy today!