“Teacher, Teacher, Tell Me How Do You Do It!”

Those are the words from Street Light’s lyrics.  As a teacher, I truly appreciate when a young person (or anybody) takes the time to recognize the difficulty inherent in the teaching profession. Thank you, Street Light!

Who is Street Light? He is an enterprising young man whom I ran into while shopping one day this June (2010).  He was pushing his CD in the scorching June sun, having not been “discovered” by Hollywood. 

Still, everything about him convinced me that he will be discovered.  God gave him an abundance of talent, including a deep respect of self and others, purity of heart and manners, and determination.  I was very impressed by this religiously hip young man.  He was hip without trying to force being hip.

He was well brought up, wore no sagging pants, and was polite (as he asked me to buy his CD). We spoke briefly, and I was more impressed because he has chosen to serve God with his talent, rapping about God, Christ, Christian life, and so on and coming to God first rather than as an afterthought like most of the stars who made their fame and fortune by doing all sorts of unclean and shameful things before turning religious.

A refreshing idea: rapping about God, Christ, Christian life, and being grateful.  Street Light really has talent!  Most of his songs are better than some of the songs I hear on the radio from the recording stars who are putting out mediocre songs and abusive lyrics.

His voice has a unique sound and a little underlying of Jermaine Dupri’s voice.   I am thankful that a young man prefers to sing about God, Christ, Christian life, and being grateful rather than cursing out his female relatives by calling them outside their names, talking about guns, shooting, doing and selling drugs, and other immoral acts put out there in the name of music.

It’s not “Teacher, teacher, tell me how you do it.”   It should be:

 “Street Light, Street Light, tell me how you do it

You make it look so easy

Like there’s nothing to it…”

Street Light begins his Purpose CD with a prayer.  My favorite songs (both the lyrics and the beat) are “Who We Be,” (with a segue into Spanish), “Training Day,” of course, “Purpose,” “Rip the Roof Off,” and a few others.  I hope the CD finds itself in the hands of someone who can truly recognize a budding Christian talent.

http://www.brotherstoneministry.com/snips/streetlightpurpose.htm (Listen to clips.)

unimusic@comcast.net (Leave comments or ask how to buy the CD.)