Your Pledge Is Needed

Dear Supporter:

Sometimes we do not know the reason we are confronted with adversity. Due to the Reduction In Force action by the Cobb County Board of Education, I lost my teaching job after an 18-year investment of time and talent.

The bad news is that I am unemployed. However, the good news is that this unemployment period has given me the impetus to embark on a road I had been previously hesitant and unprepared to travel on. Since there always seems to be a silver lining behind every dark cloud in my life, the dark cloud of unemployment has produced the perfect opportunity for me to engage in other career paths: trying to get my novels (eight of them) published and starting an education consulting firm.

The first part (getting my novels published) is the challenge. I found a philanthropic organization, Kickstarter, that (as the name implies) helps artists/writers to realize/kickstart their dreams. I am in need of backers who will help me to publish my first novel by pledging any amount from $1.00 (one dollar) and above.

Your debit or credit card will not be charged until December 13, 2010, which is the deadline of the pledging period. (I have 60 days to reach my goal.) Right now, the amount you give is simply a pledge. If enough people back the project to help me to achieve this dream, then their accounts will be debited by Amazon on December 13, 2010. Otherwise, if I do not have enough backers, they do not owe anything, and the novel will not be published. It is an all-or-nothing agreement among the three of us (me, Amazon, and Kickstarter).

Please visit the website below. There you will discover more information about me and my novel: a short information about the novel, the reward(s) you will receive for being my backer, how much is needed to publish it/place it in the hands of readers, and the fun of being able to monitor the progress of the donation. Please help me to spread the word by forwarding this message and/or the link below to your friends and family.

Thank you for the opportunity to know you, to have worked with you, or to have taught your child. I look forward to sharing the wonderful news about the novel’s publication, and I look forward to autographing a copy of it for you. What a day that will be!!


Frances Ohanenye

Pen Name: Frances Dionye (the shortened form of my father’s middle name)