Hibiscus Press Publishes Frances Ohanenye’s Article

Hibiscus Press U.S.A., a dual-language publication journal, has published an article written by Frances Ohanenye. The article is geared toward all learners of the English language who battle with verb conjugation. Titled “Ambiguity and the Overuse of ‘-Ing’ Verbs,” the article is a must-read for students and anyone else who wish to excel in public speaking and writing, and anyone who wishes never to allow verbs to terrorize him or her.

Abstract: Learners new to English language experience a heightened level of difficulty with verb tense conjugation. Based on decades of teaching public speaking and English to college freshmen and to high school seniors, I have discovered that verbs complicate the ease with which learners could pass any English language course or exam. People whose first language is English seem to have the same fear or verbs. This article is intended to assist students of English to construct powerful sentences devoid of fragments if learners minimize or monitor the inclusion of verbs that end in -ing.

Key words: Present continuous tense; resent progressive; past continuous; participle; present perfect continuous; past perfect continuous; future continuous; future perfect continuous.

Articles are submitted to Hibiscus Press in either Chinese or English and are translated into the other language.

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