It’s Happening! The First Book’s in Pre-order


My first book, Waters Family Chronicle, is ready for pre-order on Amazon!
We did it!
Thank you, thank you!!

Waters Family Chronicle is published under Frances Dionye (my father’s middle name).

Please head over to Amazon. Thank you!

The sequel is in the works!!

Other books are coming!

I am so grateful for you and to you.

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Give-aways Before the Books Are Published

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Working As Hard As James Brown

James Brown (may his soul rest in peace) was called the hardest working man in show business. I am working hard, and I hope to come one one-millionth time close to that title. I am putting finishing touches to the release of these intellectual creations of mine. Barring any more disappointments, they should be released before 2018 shuts its eyes.

Genre: Crime/ fiction– Please leave your e-mail address to receive the excerpt. Thanks.


E-book_Cover of Waters' Family Chronicle2

Genre: Children’s picture book. Please leave your e-mail address to receive the excerpt. Thanks.


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The Release of Frances Ohanenye’s First Picture Book Is Postponed

The children’s picture book that was slated to be released at the end of June has  been postponed until August 2018.

Asked what caused the change in plans, Frances Ohanenye said, “I cannot define the word “disappointment” at this moment because it has a different meaning for me this week.”

From our conversation earlier in the year, the book had been written and edited numerous times. It had been reviewed and had received positive feedback from the reviewers and social studies teachers who previewed the manuscript.

The interior illustrations and cover designs were finished and submitted for formatting. However, Frances Ohanenye stated that the book was not formatted at all.

Taking that statement as odd, Ms. Ohanenye was asked to clarify what she meant by the book not formatted.

She was honest about the cause of the delay.  “The formatted book was worse than the manuscript I gave them. The quality fell so much below standard that I dumped it in the trash can. I have the same standard as (if not higher than) some traditional publishing houses. I am a publisher among the other hats I wear.”

Frances Ohanenye indicated that being a self-published author did not mean that she would accept mediocre work. Her perfectionist nature would not allow her to release such a product with her name on the cover.

“I learned a lot of lessons as a result of this first formatting job,” she began pensively. “The first lesson is not to take things for granted. The second lesson is to trust my instinct as I always did. I should have interviewed the designer more thoroughly and through every step of the job. The third lesson is never to surrender my desire for perfection.

“I should have insisted on seeing their children’s book portfolio instead of trusting the person’s opinion who referred them to me. I should not have entrusted them with a job as difficult as formatting a children’s picture book. Apparently, the company accepted a job it knew it could not perform. It had never undertaken the arduous task of formatting a children’s book. Hence it did a dismal job. They used me as their guinea pig to learn how to format a children’s book. For that I am doubly offended.”

She sent a detailed e-mail to the formatting company with the litany of errors in the finished copy. Ms. Ohanenye found another company. Unfortunately, with the amount of work the new company contracted already, it could not squeeze in Waters’ Family Chronicle into its schedule until August.

The first company apologized and refunded the money so that Ms. Ohanenye could employ the services of a real professional.

“I received my money back,  but I cannot receive the one month this company stole from me. I was supposed to upload the e-book into Kindle (KDP) today, June 26. That goal is unrealized. I  was supposed to upload the hardcover edition into IngramSparks because IngramSparks is running a free-upload  promotion. Now I have to pay.”

I wish Frances Ohanenye much luck in her endeavor to be an author.